Remember the days when a design brief involved a face-to-face meeting? A welcomed opportunity for coffee and catch-up; a tweak here, a change of colour there – a normal chain of events in the design process. That is, when our studio was open!

Since March, like so many others, we have, as a team, been working from home.

We have been fortunate; we all still have a company landline and an ability to transfer calls; we have all the equipment we need and we all have a home office, of sorts, varying from an actual office, to a cupboard under the stairs!

The design process has changed however; briefs are via Zoom, Skype or Teams, screensharing is a common thing and clients are assuming a role within that process, but creativity still reigns supreme!

Projects are now successfully conceived, created, developed and signed off, online. So, as a light appears on the horizon and we may soon return to the office, will we be resuming business as usual or has the design process evolved into e new normal which is here to stay?

One such project and a shining example of how well the design team at Intimation have adapted and evolved into the realms of communicating design briefs, digitally, is the recently completed ‘Self-Care Kits’ created for Me-Time Therapies.

Recognising that lockdown fatigue is a very real thing, Geraldine McCullagh commissioned a range of packaging items to accompany Me-Time Therapies’ new product.

A box sleeve, stickers, leaflet inserts, product labels, reflexology map and additional inserts with instructions for customers to participate in online meditation classes were all ordered and an initial brief offered by way of a video call to Kerr, one of our designers.

Geraldine is an existing client of Intimation, historically visiting the studio for meets, she too therefore, had to adapt to this new process in order to realise her project wishes.

I was impressed Intimation created a beautiful sleeve for my new Self-Care kit without having to meet face-to-face, as we did previously. They were able to create & share the design from the brief I had emailed, so I felt confident in signing off the design without ‘physically’ seeing the design.

The process was quicker this time as I didn’t need to spend time travelling to the office so I would recommend this approach of communicating online. The quality of the printed material is excellent and provides a professional look for my new kit. I am receiving a lot of positive feedback on the design and look of the Self-Care kit.”

Geraldine McCullagh – Me-Time Therapies

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