An engaging campaign to resonate across multiple audiences.

Delcor is a brand that has been built on a strong reputation based on excellence in quality and customer service since 1967. We were approached by the team to help inject a new lease of life into their campaign collateral, allowing the brand to continue to stay relevant within a very competitive market place.

Our approach was to develop a campaign with a direct message which was supported with visuals featuring real Delcor products which emphisised the idea of creating furniture to reflect an indiviudals personality.

It was essential that the messaging, and look and feel of the campaign would resonate across a wide range of target audiences, ensuring that the company could retain their loyal customer base whilst also opening up to a new generation of potential brand advocates.

The topline campaign message was developed to help highlight the creativity and bespoke nature of the Delcor offering. This gave the audience the control to “CREATE YOUR COMFORT”. Whatever your idea of being comfortable is, let’s create something that’s exactly right for you and your personality.

The audience is at the centre of the campaign, reflecting the Delcor approach to customer service.

Once the campaign creative was agreed, this could then be applied across a wide range of touchpoints including showroom window graphics, direct mailers, e newsletters, social media assets and an ongoing national advertising campaign featured in the likes of House and Garden, Bridge for Design and many more.

The design solution allows for flexibility across seasonal promotions and will continue to be developed for upcoming sales and events.

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