The brief was to generate and reinvigorate interest in the area, making it a desirable and exciting tourist hot spot.

After securing the tender for the rebrand, work immediately began on delivering the new brand goals to convey the heritage and encompass their vision; “To reveal this rich heritage of change and innovation, supporting opportunities to enhance and enjoy the natural, built and farmed landscape”.

We applied the new brand through a range of marketing material:

Brand guidelines, exhibition materials, website and stationery. Our work with Bright Water is ongoing, as we continue to develop a communications strategy in keeping with the new brand.

As part of the rebrand Intimation created a carefully considered logo for the Brightwater Project.

Colour palettes, employing earthy, muted tones, and the incorporation of a swan, water, common reeds, sky and surrounding landscape in the marque all helped achieve the primary aims of the campaign .

The shape of the marque has been designed to make a subtle reference to the Bishop of Durham’s hat, as the Church also plays a significant role in the heritage of the Skerne.

As part of the ongoing promotion of the Brightwater Project, Intimation was asked to produce a short feature highlighting various areas of interest around the area.

The video was shot, produced and edited in house, at Intimation. We combined ground and aerial footage, motion graphics, 3D tracked elements and many other techniques to create a virtual journey down the river Skerne. The video explores archeological sites, natural habitats and areas of particular scenic beauty and helped promote the project to a wider audience.

The primary aims of the campaign were achieved through thoughtful and considered design.

The developed visual identity and materials helped to reflect the local area and consolidated the various aspects of the brand. This visual style was successfully carried through various mediums and continues to grow as the Brightwater Project becomes larger.

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