Helping To Boast About The Coast

The Visit Berwickshire Coast team came to Intimation looking for a fresh and distinct brand identity, which would aid the creation of a collaborative marketing strategy promoting the image of fishing and the coastal culture of Eyemouth and surrounding coastal communities.

Their vision is to bring together people, businesses and organisations involved
in discovering fisheries tourism, and to contribute to increased tourists to the harbours and towns from land and sea.

Creating The Brand Identity

Intimation began by creating a unique and recognisable visual identity for the organisation. The logo enorporates all of the well-known activities including surfing, diving and fishing.

The famous St Abbs lighthouse is also included alongside a bird-watcher and several birds, common to the area. The vibrant colours were chosen to represent sea, sky and sand, a nod to the numerous beaches and harbours dotted along the Berwickshire coastline.

Exhibition Materials

Flags, exhibition stands, promotional bags, leaflets and roller banners were initially created for Visit Berwickshire Coast by Intimation.

This allowed Visit Berwickshire Coast to maximise the cultural heritage of the fishing communities and market what the area has to offer to both tourists and locals.

Each item had to continue the visual identity and be immediately recognisable as being part of the Visit Berwickshire Coast brand.

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