believe housing's Journey Towards The Future

We worked with believe housing to produce an interesting, interactive way to celebrate the rich history of the organisation and outline the believe housing journey.

We worked closely alongside their Marketing and Communications Manager, developing a number of different concepts to bring their story to life as part of the transformation & culture project.

Used for training purposes to help new staff understand 'the believe way of working' the packs featured an illustrated road map highlighting all aspects of the company's growth, from major milestones to brand values and goals/objectives for the future.

Two map variants were produced with differing levels of detail...

An A2 table version was created for group use at meetings or exhibitions

An A4 fold down version was created as a pocket size take away asset for individuals after meetings or exhibitions

Each map was accompanied by a deck of information cards, relating to key pin points within the artwork.

Further information on each point presented could be found by matching the pins icon to its related card.

"They certainly did their job in engaging our people, as we can see from the fantastic response to our first ever culture audit."

Julie Brayson, Director of Transformation
and Culture at believe housing

"I just love our roadmap packs that have been issued to all staff, during the recent interactive sessions. They are really useful to remind us all of the journey we have been on, and the exciting things we have planned for the coming months."

Nik Turner, believe housing's Executive Director of Communities and Customer Services

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