Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company is a long-standing brand with deep heritage and history at its core.

We were tasked with giving their packaging a refreshed look while still staying true to their brands ideologies. The result saw us keep key elements of the existing design for brand recognition purposes, while introducing new design cues including vibrant colours and modern silhouette assets.

The refreshed packs were designed to stand out on the shelf, whilst retaining a distinctive, traditionally Scottish, look and feel, reflecting the company’s heritage

Whilst retaining the strong identity, the designs now reflect a refreshed visual language across the range, to be exported around the world from ETCC’s home in the Scottish capital.

The packaging was created in a manner which allows the brand to differ the aesthetic of each of three, very clearly defined product ranges; namely: retail, gift and premium markets- whilst keeping the branding consistent.

Key elements of the existing design such as the logo roundel and imagery were retained for brand recognition purposes, but leveraged to offer an effective design solution.

Loyalty from established customers was a key element in the thought process for the design team; coupled with broadening the brand’s appeal to a wider market potential and larger, global audience.

Exploration of related trends, relevant to the wide product ranges offered by ETCC offered a next step in the design process, coupled with feedback from a focus group of existing customers – offering invaluable feedback in the development and refinement of the design solution.

Each market sector is targeted within the key designs incorporated into the packaging, including use of colour, materials and imagery, corresponding to the product and appealing to the three identified price categories.

The new packaging has now been launched across the UK and wider global export markets. Sales doubled in the months ensuing the launch with products now available in worldwide destinations, as far reaching as Dubai

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