Aligning achievements with 2020 targets is never going to be a rewarding task, however, taking the positives from what has otherwise been a difficult year, as a company, we are facing 2021 with renewed vigor.

If 2020 has showed us one thing, it’s that, sometimes you have to find that fight, face the challenges head on and adapt to accommodate a very different commercial landscape as we progress into a new year.

Like so many others, Intimation has endured the collective loss of redundancies and the daily worries and frustrations, associated with guiding a business through a global pandemic.

However, unlike so many, we gratefully live to tell the story of what continues to be a rough ride, whilst focusing on the positives, which, to date, have seen us not only ride the wave but rise to new challenges.

With a strong and dedicated team, supportive of each other and our clients, we have adapted to home working with gusto; and although it is now no-one’s preferred choice, we shall continue to efficiently embrace it, to offer our clients the same, strong service we have always taken pride in, whilst looking forward to a return to the studios and an undoubtedly large collective celebration.

The Intimation team would like to wish you all a happier, healthier and more normal 2021, with better times ahead!

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