Have you ever wondered how much work goes in to producing a promotional video?

Intimation were asked to produce a promotional video for one of our clients, GoldShield, who provide warranty schemes for park home owners. The video needed to showcase the work carried out by contractors whilst also highlighting the key features of both their warranty and additional monthly care plans.


The Intimation team began organising the video by liaising with both GoldShield and several parks to establish a location for the shoot. Once the location had been agreed, the next stage was to plan and produce story boards, a script and a shooting list.

Story boards allowed the Intimation team to plan how the final video will look. The team drew up a number of internal and external shots, which were then translated into a shooting list. The shooting list allowed the film team to capture all the required footage quickly and easily on the day of the shoot. A script was swapped out for a list of questions as we opted to conduct interviews with the residents and contractors.


Filming took place at Ashdown Park in Yorkshire, where Intimation, GoldShield and Superior Home Developments met to capture the required footage. Working through the pre-prepared shooting list, the team captured external shots, internal shots, interviews with the park home owner and contractors and a number of work related footage.


After collecting all the footage from the park, the team headed back to the studio to begin post-production.

This stage can be very time consuming, and involves editing the footage, creating graphics and carrying out detailed adjustments such as colour grading and sound editing. At this stage several team meetings are held to refine the video until a rough cut is ready to be shared with the client.

Client Feedback

The final stage of video production involved liaising with the client to ensure the final product effectively conveyed their desired message. The Intimation team worked closely with GoldShield to ensure every small detail was correct and that they were happy with the final production.

Final video

The final video is set within Ashdown Park, with a focus on an inndividual home. The production combines motion graphics and live footage to explain the services offered by GoldShield.

The video is based on two interviews, explaining the process from the perspective of a home owner and the contractor. The video has been shared across social media, on the GoldShield website and sent to a number of industry press contacts, manufacturers and other stakeholders.

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