At Intimation, we don't just create beautiful websites: we create websites that perform.

Our dedicated designers, developers and digital PR experts work together with every client, from start to finish, to ensure that each digital project successfully achieves it's goal.

The Goal

Identifying the goal of a digital product can be the most difficult part of the development process. Is it to sell a service? Is it to encourage a sign-up? Is it to engage or raise awareness? These are the questions we ask our clients at the first meeting, enabling them to educate us on how they would like their site to function.

Logical layouts, logical interactions, logical results.

The Funnel

We then research markets and target audiences to make sure the plan for the site will be achievable. By determining the traffic source (i.e physical advertising, promotions, social media etc), we can then begin to propose a site structure that facilitates a determined traffic funnel. This 'funnel' allows the user to get where they expect to be and where they are needed. This may be any of the previously discussed site goals.

A linear user 'flow' that allows integration with selling tools.

The Journey

Once the general site structure is in place, our designers can begin to breath life into the website. By using the data and knowledge gathered in the planning phase, we can organise the content of the site into a linear flow that guides and directs the user to specific areas of the site. Wireframes are created to help both the developers and client fully understand the site's functionality and purpose.

Form & Function

Next, the designers begin to develop the visual styles of the website. Great care is taken to work within, and build upon, existing brand identities. Graphics, animation and photography are all supplied where needed by our talented in-house team. The designers and developers craft subtle micro-interactions and feedback actions that really take the website to the next level.

Slick micro-interactions leave a professional impression on users


Once the designers and developers are satisfied with the aesthetic and performance of the site, the client's content is added to each page. We often work closely with Rubber Lips PR, the PR arm of Intimation, to create professional and engaging copy for new sites.

Finishing Touches

Upon completion of the site, a final meeting is held with the client to iron out any small issues and ensure complete satisfaction. Following sign off, the website is made live and visible to the public.

Spread the word

When the site is live, we are happy to provide advice to clients about the best ways to share and promote their new site. Social media graphics are often produced to showcase the site, each one tailored to the client. The Intimation team can also help drive traffic through various social media, PR or Google Adwords strategies.

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