A new business supplying unique and custom-made experiences for events and tourist attractions around the UK.

They required a new brand identity, which was easily identifiable, professional yet quirky and targeted towards corporate clients. In particular, Boundless Workshop wanted their new logo to be as unique as their product offering. Further notes from the brief included avoiding the use of red and also designing a logo, which could be split and individually used as an icon or text depending on the context.

Research & Concepts

The first stage in creating a new brand identity for Intimation’s design team is to conduct research into the company, industry and target market. This allows the team to identify themes in the market, such as whether the tone used throughout the industry is professional, sleek and modern. Research also identifies keywords, which form the basis of the logo design.

Following the research, the design team begin to hand draw concepts, which they felt would be a good fit for the requested logo criteria. At this stage a lot of ideas are discarded and themes are identified: In this case the focus was placed on the ideas of movement and the letter B.

Initial Designs

When the designers are happy with their hand-drawn sketches, a number of initial logo ideas are digitally produced to present to the client. The designs all incorporated something specific about the company, their product or their values.

Four or five designs are prepared for the client, each offering a different perspective on the original brief. Designs at this stage include a number of colours, marques and typography.

Client Feedback

Once the first set of designs were completed, a meeting was held with the client to discuss the ideas, the reasoning behind the designs and the next steps in the design process. As a new company, Boundless needed their branding to stand out and be engaging whilst also being a design that reflects what they do, their personality and the product they offer. Having examined the initial designs presented by the Intimation team, Boundless identified a number of elements from the various different designs that they liked and asked for them to be combined to progress the logo to the next stage. These elements included colours from one design, typography from another and the logo from a third concept.

A number of further concepts were requested that built upon the favoured elements of the initial designs.


The design team then got to work creating a number of variations going in the direction of the previously preferred logo. These refined designs focused specifically on the interplay between analogue, digital, cogs, change, the letter B and the idea of 'connecting dots' building things.

At this stage, numerous conversations were held between the designers and client to continue to refine the preferred design, applying subtle changes to the marque, typography and wording of the logo until the perfect design was achieved.

The final design for the new boundless logo includes the marque, wordmark and brand colours. The marque is a stylised B which hints at a number of connecting dots. This symbolises Boundless’ values of connecting people and businesses. The cog element surrounding the B relates to their identity as a workshop of ideas, facilitating conception and construction of events. The marque is finished with an inset shadow to add depth and a 3D feel to the design.

The typography chosen for the final branding is modern, impactful and translates well to large format typography usage. It’s big, bold, in your face and easily recognisable.

Orange is a modern, progressive and attention-grabbing colour, which offers some construction vibes, tying in with the cog theme chosen for the logo. The final logo is then prepared and sent to the client, accompanied by brand guidelines prepared by the Intimation team to ensure consistent branding across all future use.

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